This morning after a short meeting with some folks at Pilgrim, the MFP team went to the Tubur site and the water team worked on first-flush systems.

In Soroti on our way out to Tubur, we stopped so that Julius, the engine operator/mechanic, could pick up a big hammer. The goal with Tubur today was to replace a bearing seal for the main journal bearing, which meant that we had to remove one of the massive flywheels. When Julius began working on getting the flywheel off of the axle we realized exactly how big the “big hammer” was… it kind of resembled Thor’s hammer. In fact, we have decided that Julius is Thor — or stronger than Thor because he broke the hammer’s head and then fixed it by smashing in a nail. In the end, Joey and Julius got the MFP running! Parts still need to be replaced and they need a new fuel tank (right now they’re using a plastic jerry can), but the MFP is finally up and running. I’ll update pictures tomorrow of the site so you guys can see.

Rohan and I were able to take a little side trip to the top of the tallest rock in Tubur, a whopping 25 feet. We took a roundabout route because we thought the rocky way up would be too difficult, but then we saw all the kids from town climbing up and down (some of these kids were also carrying babies) and decided that we could handle it on the way down.

Joey would also like to comment that he predicted tonight’s torrential downpour via his collarbone.

BTW FYI… If you couldn’t tell by the title, Titus grew up in Tubur and Joey’s middle name is James.