Engineering school creates good problem solving skills, but does not do much for my imagination and creativity. My brain is a bit rusty, but I have here attempted to boot up my old sense of rhythm. It’s slowly coming. Check back by the end of the summer and maybe I’ll have something good.

Anyway a description of Thursday’s activities in the finest and most elegant poetic form, the Limerick:


First we’d mark out every five feet

And set a slope with finest technique

We’d prop up PVC

Eye it and agree

Our success was slow-coming but sweet


We only finished one building today

Half another is now under way

We worked like 10 hours

Past what the sun would allow’r

We might have to work on Sunday


Today we rented a drill

That had concious emotions and will

It ran free and clear

Whene’er Julius was near

But when with us, pretended its current was nil


Today Joey built our first flush

From glue, his brain might turn mush

He sealed all the joints tight

All the angles were right

So that with rain, dirty water will gush.