MFP TEAM IS OFFICIALLY DONE WITH FIELD WORK! Woohoo! We successfully installed the COES at Usuk today, and it worked beautifully. There was a brief panic moment when we got to Usuk and realized we didn’t have a power adapter for our drill (which is sold here but has US plugs), but Silas and Rohan went to the nearest town and bought a power strip from a man who was using it to charge money for charging cell phones. While we were waiting for the silicon to dry, we took some pictures of the kids there — upcoming! We also put on the vibration counter and put up the MFP safety/instruction posters that had fallen down since our last visit.

PVC Glue:

Water team continued their piping work today. They finished one side of the second building, marked out pipe bracket spots on other walls, and completed the first flush system on yesterday’s building. We always have so much difficulty getting the drills/drill bits we need because we have to borrow them from people, but sometimes they have cords and sometimes they’re cordless but the battery doesn’t charge fast enough and it’s just crazy. But nonetheless: One system is now complete! We finished past sunset, so no pictures yet.


We taught/learned how to play Ultimate Ninja to/from the rest of the team today! However, in the small space between our couches in the living room here in our guest house, there’s not much room for five people to jump around swiping at each other’s hands. Thus, we created Ultimate T-Rex, which is just Ultimate Ninja but with your upper arms pinned to your side and two-footed hops only. It’s a ton of fun, and you get to pretend to be a dinosaur. Try it out 😛