This post is a day late but oh well — David, we need your blogging stamina back!

Yesterday, MFP team went to Orungo and successfully installed the COES! The Catchment Overflow Exhaust System takes all the flour dust shooting out the top of the cyclone separator of the MFP’s mill attachment and redirects it outside. We had some difficulty with the cap we commissioned because we gave them numbers and received back a different product than we expected — but Rebecca and Rohan spent a few hours hammering away and in the end the cap fit!

The water team finished two sides of piping for one of the three buildings. We have to make sure that there’s enough slope in the piping to move the water, but we have very few inches of space to navigate in between the bottom of the gutters and the top of the Crestank, with a long distance spanning in between.

Picture palooza!