Project Accomplishments today:
Caulking and sealing more gutters
Sealing the PVC connection to the tank
Creating “bee hive” wire filters to cover the gutter downspouts
Labeling the tank
“Teachers’ Workshop”

At lunch time, I went up to some random students whom I thought had been in my S2 class (they weren’t) and asked if they painted. One boy volunteered, and his friend Max came to help him. I told them how, last week in the class Harrison and I led for the S2 students, we had calculated the height at which the tank was 2000, 4000, 6000, and 8000 Liters full. When labeling the tank, we quickly realized that using the external diameter of the tank, provided by the company, resulted in labels that would make the tank look like it held 12,000 L total instead of 10,000. After finishing the first tank with our calculated heights, the student painters decided that they would use the more accurate yet simpler technique of dividing the height by 5 and labeling the volume at every point. The boys completed their job with a crowd of students around them. They also want to add more lines so that students can know exactly how much water they have in the tank. I think this is a great idea, so I intend to leave the paint and their names with Julius. I was very glad that we finally found a way to incorporate the students into the Rain Water Harvesting Project. Painting the tank was something safe that they could do (It didn’t require any sharp tools, or climbing on ladders), and gave them a chance to use a measuring tape and make their own mark on the project.

The second big success was our teacher’s workshop. About 10 teachers, and 10 students (the heads of their classes and prefects) assembled, and Harrison and I explained the different components of the system to them, discussed design decisions still to be made, and warned them of all the ways that it could break!

It rained as we were leaving the school to go for dinner! We plan to stop by the school tomorrow morning to finish caulking and perhaps to joyfully turn the taps on all three tanks and have water flow!

Joey is taking one for the team, as our Mama Duck and resident Mosquito Bait. He says that he is used to pain, and thus is not whining about his malaria nearly as much as I would.

Tomorrow morning, after we finish the final touches at the school and settle our accounts at the Pilgrim office, we will depart for our “Debriefing Trip” to a game park!

* I hope the title makes sense, even to our readers who have never taken part in a Knowledge Master Competition.*