We awoke “at the crack of dawn” (give or take) to head on our final trek to Beacon of Hope college, to finish caulking one more building. We arrived to find that last evening’s nasty rainstorm had left us with 5000 L of water in the S1-S4 building, and 4500 L in the Middle building (the difference in yield is caused by the differing catchment sizes of the roofs). The lab building tank, however, was completely empty. Some students informed us that the cap had popped off, so water came out of the first flush all through the storm and never made it into the tank. We had had some problems with that particular 6″ PVC end cap when we were installing it (we were already using a replacement, because the first one was faulty). Our recommendation to Pilgrim was that they immediately seal the screw on cap and install a valve onto the lab building’s first flush. We also had no idea that the tanks could fill so quickly, which means that the overflow outlets for the tank need to be lowered within the next few days. Right now, the overflow is higher than much of the piping to the tank, so the pipes could fill up with water, sag down, and rip out their brackets.

We left Golden Ark today (our home for 24 days!) for our final “debriefing trip” to Murchison Falls, Uganda’s largest game park. (Debriefing trip = safari + discussion of the project – office + giant animals)

On the drive up, the landscape went from flat with the occasional volcanic plug to gently rolling hills, with the occasional flat-topped stereotypical savanna tree. It is thrilling even to see these trees that I have seen so often on TV. We also passed some deer-creatures (I’m gonna say impala) and a HERD OF ELEPHANTS! (Ok, 5 ELEPHANTS!) On their way back home after crossing our road.

Tomorrow morning we again leave at the crack of dawn to drive through the animal park and see what we can see. Given that we already casually bypassed some elephants, I expect to be very impressed.

In case you, our dear reader, have not noticed, our team member who left early to go to work back in the US, David, is celebrating his birthday today! In case you are David, hope you have a Happy Birthday! Get yourself a big piece of cake and some pasteurized ice cream that won’t immediately cause diarrhea.